E-bike rack mounted to luxury SUV

Cycling in Aspen with Our Convenient E-Bike Service

Cycling is a popular summertime activity in Aspen, Colorado. Aspen became a focal point for bicyclists due to the diverse trails that accommodate any level of rider. Bike enthusiasts from all over the world choose to ride through the trails of Aspen for a glimpse of famously photographed scenic views. Cycling in Aspen is a significant factor for SLADE Services. We aim to offer a broad scope of transportation features to deliver nothing less than satisfaction, dependability, and comfort for our clients. The newest addition to our luxury SUVs is sturdy bike racks specifically designed for the latest electric bike craze!

“Where We Used to Not be able to Take Cyclists – Now We Can!”
– COO Charlie Horky

SLADE Services offers reliable transportation for our cyclists with the added benefit of handling e-bikes. SLADE SUVs will have sufficient bike racks during the summer months to safely get bikers back to their hotels, such as The Little Nell, The St. Regis, or The Hotel Jerome, with no added trouble on transporting e-bikes. A considerable difference between e-bikes and standard bicycles is the weight, which is why it is essential for SLADE to mount adequate racks for our e-bikers. Regular bike racks cannot hold this hefty $2,500 bicycle, but our bike racks at SLADE Services can effectively carry all your cycling equipment that ensures a pleasantly smooth experience on Aspen’s trails.

The introduction of e-bikes granted two-wheelers an almost effortless, breathtaking cruise. You must still pedal; however, e-bikes take less physical effort than a standard bicycle. E-bikes allow you to seamlessly ride mile-long trails for pure enjoyment without becoming overwhelmed from exhaustion. In the instance that you are drained from an extensive journey of cycling in Aspen – SLADE Services can pick you up before venturing back up the trail. You are no longer left wondering if you can handle an adventure, as our availability of service becomes your peace of mind to-and-from.

All summer long, cyclists are cruising Aspen’s riverside toward the tavern. The usual venture is from Aspen to the Woody Creek Tavern, where customers enjoy the best tamales and margaritas the valley has to offer. After a few drinks at the Woody Creek Tavern, it is better to ride home than bike home. We are committed to your festivities. Our convenience supplies you with a well-rounded, serene adventure when cycling in Aspen.

Do you want to ride trails past the tavern? Not a problem! Here at SLADE Services, we offer enormous insight into the trails of cycling in Aspen to ensure you indulge in a fulfilling experience. Our drivers have immense knowledge of all the routes you can ride, and they will also inform you of the ideal spots to be picked up when you need to complete your venture.

Most cyclists will continue past the Woody Creek Tavern and travel through the adrenaline-pumping watering hole. The watering hole is where a vast number of public figures like the late Hunter S. Thompson, Johnny Depp, and other Hollywood luminaries have spent their time free-falling into the iconic “punchbowl.” 

Are you planning on cycling in Aspen this summer? For only $150 per e-bike, you can partake in the most popular activity in Aspen with the assistance of SLADE Services – where we come full circle in presenting you with a serene delivery.