COVID- Slade Services has taken extra steps to ensure a safe delivery of all ground transportation needs. All Slade Services chauffeurs are required to be vaccinated and wear a mask at all times. And are required to take a covid test twice a month. To ensure that every vehicle is thoroughly sanitized before and after each trip (this includes sanitizing the vehicles in between different client bookings, as well as sanitizing the vehicles in between trips from point A to point B while assisting the same client). Same day testing upon request with 48 hour notice. ($75)

Passengers are required to wear masks and are not permitted to seat in the front seat next to the chauffeur. SLADE Services is Certified “SAFE-CLEAN-RIDE”
Cancellation policies vary based upon the location of the original point of service, the service area, and the type of vehicles used. Full fare, including gratuities, will be charged for all late cancellations that are within 24 hours of service.

(Special and city sell-out events & vehicles may have different cancellation notices)

Jet Sprinters and Vehicles over 10 passengers have a 72 Hour Cancellation policy
Motor Coaches-Tour Coaches 30-day Policy 15 days full credit, 14 days or less 100% forfeiture.
Cadillac ESV- Suburbans- Navigators, FORD Expeditions and V-Class $100-$195 per hour. Airport Charters (2) Hour Min. As Directed (3) Hour Min.

SUV Airport Rates $393.02 Arrivals $ 370.35 Departures.
In most cities in the United States the min charge for an SUV is $393.02. This provides for the service to start at the garage and ends at the garage. It allows for 15 mins grace time and 45 mins to 1 hour of actual use direct transfer to the destination. After the grace time the waiting time charge is $92.58 every 30 mins. After 3 hours total time from the whole order reverts to Hourly $578.20

Cadillac XTS, CT6, Lincoln continental, MKT (2) Hour Min. Mercedes Benz S Class, Maybach, and Rolls Royce Ghost, Phantom (4) Hour min. $85-$250 per hour.

Note: Rate does include parking, tolls or taxes in cities they apply.

Passenger Vans: Sprinters (Exec seating- Limo Style and “Jet”) Ford Transit vans.
$125-$295 per hour. (4) Hour min. Mini Coaches and Motors Coaches 20-56 Passengers
$125-$175 per hour. (4-5) Hour Min. (Depending on Location and time of year)

As Directed Rates
SUV and Sedans (3) hour min
Jet Sprinters (5) hour min

Service Charges, Administration, Fuel, Credit card, and Airport and tolls, and specific charges are in addition to the hourly rate of service.
All service booked between 12:00 AM and 6:00 AM. Are charged at the as directed min’s.
Can be adjusted as long as the request comes 3 hours before the scheduled time. Depending on location we can adjust up to 2 hours before.
Require 72 Hours notice. (Special events & vehicles may have different cancellation notices)
A reservation is considered a “No Show” if the passenger cannot be located or contacted within one hour for airport pickups (time starts when the plane lands) or within thirty minutes at all other pickup locations. Full fare, including gratuities, will be charged for all No Shows.
SLADE Services charges a 21.95% Administration Fee that is applied to each reservation.
Vehicle types and Configurations, Specific Accessories. Courier service. Travel Services and Special access. Airport Concierge & Charges that are unique to individual passengers.
Service charge between 18 -28 percent is applied in most locations.
Airport Parking and Fees are subject to change without notice, as SLADE Services has no control over if and when increases will be imposed by various governmental authorities. SLADE Services charges an $18.00 airport fee for all arrivals.
Vehicles will arrive thirty minutes before the scheduled arrival time for all private airport pickups. Vehicles will not be released from private airport departures until the plane has taken off. SLADE Services is not responsible for anticipating the arrival time of private planes and will have vehicles on location at the arriving airport as of the earliest scheduled arrival time.
Taxes are subject to change without notification, as SLADE Services has no control over if or when a tax increase may be imposed by various governmental agencies. Taxes are charged as incurred.
Rates are subject to change without notice during holidays or special events.
Charges vary based on notice and location when ordered.
An additional 20% fee is charged for: ASAP Expedited Service (Within the hour of service requested) or After hours Private Jet and & Medical Emergencies or when Personal Security is ordered.
There is a $350 smoking fee in all Sedans and Suv’s and a $450 fee for Smoking in Sprinters and Multi passenger vehicles with more than 10 passengers up to 56 passengers.