SLADE Services in Aspen, Colorado, working with partnerships in transportation services.

Our Transportation Services Evolved with SLADE Partnerships

SLADE Services has over 40 years serving high-end clients with luxury transportation services. These decades of experience in the ground transportation business were provided through numerous companies. Our drivers have accumulated thousands of hours assisting clients with a safe and reliable passage, which has been recognized and honored by many in the industry.

However, we cannot claim sole success. Like anything in life, partnerships foster the development of a business. Our partnerships with others in the field bring forth the ability to prosper in delivering communities of high-caliber clients an exclusive and prestigious service.

I previously owned CLS Worldwide Services Aspen, which is now known as EmpireCLS. From my time serving the ground transportation industry in Aspen, Colorado, I knew that this beautiful city was a significant foundation for future endeavors. During the midst of COVID-19 last year, I was given a chance to create a base once again in Aspen while on a trip with my wife, Megan.

The trip granted a pitstop in Aspen, where my wife and I were reacquainted with an old friend, Marty Conflenti. Conflenti has many connections, from maintaining residency in Colorado since 1983 and having a notable history within the limousine business. In our meeting, it was further discussed how Conflenti desired to reenter the transportation industry. A Fixed Based Operator (FBO) was willing to welcome Conflenti back with open arms – all he needed was a luxury vehicle. My wife and I decided to endow Conflenti with a car. He was then enthusiastically embraced by FBO Atlantic Aviation. Conflenti and Atlantic Aviation instantaneously became part of the SLADE Services cherished partnerships.

Atlantic Aviation is a privatized airport business specializing in superior, world-class service to commercial and cargo aircraft and similar amenities for business customers. Atlantic Aviation is also the only private FBO for arriving and departing private aircraft in Aspen, Colorado, which makes serving the Aspen residents a perfect match.

Conflenti continually met with well-to-do clientele through his connections at Atlantic Aviation and, in return, helped SLADE Services provide similar luxury transportation services to the same clients throughout the United States and Europe. It was not long before Conflenti met up with a client that was overjoyed with our services. That client ended up flying back home to Santa Barbara, California, where we were referred to Santa Barbara Aviation.

Santa Barbara Aviation is another private FBO that takes care of essential residents in the Santa Barbara area. We have been very fortunate to do business with Santa Barbara Aviation in places like Las Vegas, Nevada, and Napa Valley, California.

We would like to recognize and give thanks to the individuals involved and all the partnerships created that launched SLADE Services to become one of the greatest luxury transportation services available nationally and internationally. Compared to big companies, we relish the different aspects that supply a more rewarding experience from nurturing relationships in various cities. We hope to continue building valuable connections across the industry for decades to come.